GPS Tracker for Bicycles


✔ Immediate alerting in case of emergency
✔ Movement and radius alarm
✔ Alarm notification by e-mail and push message
✔ Immediately on your smartphone, tablet or PC


✔ Always know where your bike is
✔ LIVE location
✔ in over 100 countries
✔ App for mobile devices


✔ route analysis
✔ 100 days of track storage
✔ Speed profile
✔ kilometers traveled


✔ Respond quickly in an emergency
✔ Create a release link for the police
✔ Police receive a LIVE transfer of the site
✔ Facilitates search in an emergency

You want to secure your bike ?

You will find the right GPS Tracker here

109,99 €



✔ ca. 20 Days batterie life
✔ splashproofed
✔ small and compact
✔ inclusive Bicyle bag 



To Allround Finder

59,99 €



✔ ca. 3-7 days batterie life
✔ very small and light
✔ splash proofed





To EASY Finder

Secure bike effectively against theft with the ALLROUND or MINI Finder
Bicycle theft is probably a tiresome topic for many cities. It is extremely difficult to prosecute thieves because there is usually little evidence or evidence that would allow further investigation. So if you lose your bike on a long finger, you should quickly abandon the thought of ever seeing it again. It also shows that especially in student cities – such as Münster or Leipzig – more bikes are stolen. Logically, because especially in these cities, the number of bicycles is immense. Criminals probably see this as an opportunity and can do particularly profitable business here. In the end, the students suffer the most. Few have the money to afford a new bike and are severely limited in their mobility. Anyone who listens to fellow students will quickly come across stories that describe the frustrating experiences.
Once not been attentive and you’re going on a three-digit amount. But even those who exercise caution is not necessarily safe. Experience shows that just because your own bike is always completed does not mean that thieves have no means to hijack the bike in a few moments. Hardly any castle is unbreakable. There are hardly any limits to the creativity of criminals. Bicycles are loaded with lock in pickup truck to devote themselves to the security arrangements in peace. Or the locks are bypassed by simply removing the corresponding parts of the two-wheeler.
We want to put a stop to this dynamic. With an ALLROUND Finder from PAJ and the associated free app, they are no longer in the dark when their bike is gone. You have more chance to immediately stop the thieves or provide the police with information that will bring your bike back.
The ALLROUND Finder is flexible and can be mounted directly under the saddle above the rear light (GPS Tracker bicycle seat post) with a specially designed bicycle bag. In principle, however, both FINDER are also to attach elsewhere. For example, the MINI Finder can also be stowed away in your luggage or in side pockets. Ideal if you travel with your bike, because the PAJ bike tracker offers much more than theft protection. For example, use the free app to discover track recordings and learn more about their routes and daily stages.
7 Reasons Why a Bike GPS Theft Protection is Important for My Bike:
Whether you use your bike to go to college or you are a passionate mountain biker, no one wants to give up your two-wheeler. Not least because it means mobility and brings a certain standard of living. Protect your bike so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Why a GPS transmitter for the bike is still worth it and what advantages it offers, we have put together in 7 reasons why GPS theft protection is important for my bike.
1st track pursuit
If you are traveling in unknown areas with your bike, track tracking can be extremely helpful. It is especially useful, because the track you have traveled so far is live. Just start the free app and you’ll see where you’ve been. So you can use many useful features on tours. Track recording helps you to better estimate and plan your daily stages. Also, in an emergency, you know where you’ve gone long and could easily find your way back if your sat nav fails.
2. Anti-theft bike thanks to GPS tracker
So that your bike is protected in every environment and situation, it makes sense to mount a GPS tracker on the bike or to clamp it under the saddle. As a result, you always have the location of your two-wheeler in view and can track it in real-time locations as well as the routes in case of theft. How you set up your flexible alarm system is entirely up to you. You can e.g. Set the vibration alarm or set a radius that your bike may not leave. Intuitive design and a high degree of user-friendliness are very important to us. That’s why all alarms are adjustable via the free app and configured within a few moments. You can convince yourself of that. Just click here and test our online portal for free.
3. Emergency
If something happens to you on a bike tour, you can send an alarm to stored contacts by pressing the emergency button. Not only do they know that you need help, they also know exactly where you are. This is particularly important for mountain bikers or other passionate cyclists, because one does not always know about everything and on the other hand not always street names exist. A quick rescue in case of emergency is so possible and can prevent worse. Of course, it is also important to us that the settings can be set up in a simple and time-saving way so that you are well protected in an emergency.
4. Unknown places
Especially abroad it can happen that you are traveling by bike and get lost – what then? Simply go to your location, look it up in Google Maps and you’ll know where you are. Not only handy in an emergency, but a good way to mark new, attractive places.
5. Radius alarm
In order to secure your bike in the garage or in the parked state, the radius alarm is recommended. Here you set a radius of 500 meters, for example, and as soon as your bike leaves it, you will see information displayed on your smartphone or in the portal. This feature can also be interesting for parents who want to make sure their children do not ride too far by bike.
6. View the speed
Particularly interesting for athletes are the possibilities in the FINDER portal, here you can see the speeds of the individual points as well as pauses and their length. Also, when importing into Google Earth, this information remains and you can view and track covered tours in real scenery. The whole thing goes thanks to the free app for the online portal also on the go.
7. Protection of valuables
Do you have expensive equipment attached to your bike and want to protect it from theft? For example, the MINI Finder does not have to be mounted under the saddle, but can also secure all other parts of the bike (eg the handlebar) or accessories. Small dimensions and weight provide an optimal way to attach, other accessories can be found in our shop.