GPS Tracker for pets: How a Cat made history with it?


Are you a pet lover? If so, read how a Cat made history with a GPS Tracker for pets. Mulan, Theo, and Bernard are the names of Florence’s three cats, who frequently appear in her TikTok videos. Through the popularity of her cat videos, she has amassed 35,000 followers and 1.5 million likes.

Bernard enjoys traveling, so she likes to monitor him with a GPS tracker. He also used to post the footage on TikTok. One of these movies became viral one day. It gathered close to 800,000 views and 20,000k likes for the cat’s incredible 16-mile journey across Montreal in just 48 hours!

The comments from the audience were also remarkable for their wits. One among the 700 comments said “Lol so your cat came to visit me when I lived next to Jerry Park. I have many pics of him. He is too cute but showed me his attitude too”!

Florence earlier mentioned in one of her videos that Bernard is quite independent and sociable. Also, he has found a second home next to his favorite park, where loving neighbors have been feeding him.

Later, she revealed how Bernard had once gone lost and how GPS had assisted in his recovery. Bernard used to stroll through the neighborhood park. But on that particular day, despite GPS having located him in the park, they were unable to find him there. They also attempted to use the GPS alarm function in vain.

Because the GPS was unable to precisely locate the place that Bernard was in, they reasoned that someone might have turned off the GPS and taken Bernard with them. Fortunately, using the phone number on the GPS gadget, they were able to text Florence to let her know that the cat was at their house right then and that they could go retrieve him.

Anyone can have a GPS Tracker for pets these days as they are super affordable. Cats can go wild while they go to explore the world themselves. They can go missing at any time especially when the cat is new to the surroundings and equipping them with a GPS is the best option you have to protect them from potential dangers.

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