Before we see how GPS and GPS trackers are very helpful and relevant, let’s take a look at the technology behind GPS and see how it works.

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a complex process of determining the accurate location of any given receiver and satellites orbiting the Earth. The receivers can be a smartphone, a GPS tracker, a satnav for a car, or such.

The signal receiver would, as the name suggests, receive signals from different satellites orbiting Earth that help it to measure the distance from it. Once it can do the same from multiple satellites, it uses that data to pinpoint its location on the ground. It takes at least 4 satellites to measure the accurate location of any device. However, the accuracy increases as the number of satellites increases.

So why is all this relevant, huh?
We’re getting there.

GPS technology is behind practically how the modern world works. Our phones, our vehicles, our shipping, our businesses, the military, the national interests, the agriculture, and the nature conservation all use GPS to varying extent. It’s not a stretch to say the modern economy basically relies on it.

But that is the bigger picture.
On a personal level, GPS takes us to places. It protects what we love.

GPS Tracking
GPS trackers are small and compact devices that can be used to track their location precisely. If we were to place a GPS tracker in a vehicle, say our car or a farming machine at the farm, it uses the satellites to track its location and let us know where they are at all times. It’s the same with people and assets. We can have our kids or someone we love carries a GPS Tracker and we get to know their location so that we can ensure that they’re safe.

Then depending on the make and model, there are also several features of GPS trackers that assist us. Take Geo-Fencing, for instance. This allows us to define a virtual boundary across an area around the GPS tracker. Whenever the GPS tracker enters or leaves this area, we get an instant notification. This is helpful when we are sending our kids to school or if you or someone close to you is visiting an unknown location. They will have the GPS Tracker, and some models also come with a dedicated SOS button by the way, and you can know they’re safe anytime.

GPS Tracking is also very beneficial in business. If you own a taxi fleet or if your business has something to do with delivery or shipments, GPS Trackers can gather insightful data to help you make informed decisions and improve profits along the way. You can see where most of your businesses are from, how much time your vehicles stay on the road, how long they travel, when they start and when they finish, etc. all this data is gold when it comes to making your operations more efficient.

If you are considering buying a GPS Tracker, then we’d recommend spending some time comparing and considering various options before making a final choice. PAJ GPS offers unique and durable GPS trackers that are custom-built for different uses like car trackers, pet finders, boat trackers, kid finders etc. They are built for one purpose and offer maximum utility for the same. Another thing to look for is after-sales support. You want to make sure you get good customer support after the purchase whenever you need it. Similarly, connectivity across different countries and areas is also important. In case you want to check out different trackers for your purpose, visit here

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