IoT-Enabled Logistics Management


With the advent of the Global Positioning System (GPS) every walks of life has taken its wings to another level, and the things once impossible became easy and comfortable with the click of a button. And today, there is no field that is left untouched by GPS technology. Scientific research, business, transportation, and even the common man’s everyday life itself are difficult without GPS. One among the many applications of GPS, container tracking, even though not a new concept, has gained momentum over the years, and is now employed under the supervision of IoT telematics devices and applications that use sensors and are becoming more prevalent in the supply chain. IoT-Enabled tracking in logistics and shipping firms have lots of advantages beyond our expectation.

We can confidently anticipate a tremendous pace of technological advancement over the coming years as IoT use spreads across a wide range of commercial, industrial, and consumer applications. It is undeniable that this will have a significant positive impact on the container supply chain.

IoT-Enabled tracking in logistics and shipping firms enables businesses to obtain up-to-the-minute data on both their trailers and containers and the packages within, enabling them to make better decisions. Each parcel or package can be tracked and controlled at the parcel level by adding IoT-Enabled asset tags. You may view a package’s last location, date, and time, as well as when it was picked up and carried off in the container. These can come together in the form of GPS trackers that can either be plugged into the truck or installed on the trailer or container.

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