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  • Direct connection to battery 8-32V
  • Easy & quick mounting – effortless installation
  • Weather- and Waterproof
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Immediate notification in an emergeny

  • Motion- and radius alert

  • Alarm notification via E-Mail and Push notification

  • Immediately on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC


Always know where your car is

  • LIVE-Tracking

  • in over 100 countries

  • App for mobile devices


Analyze driven routes

  • 100 day track saving

  • Speed profile

  • Traveled miles


 React in an emergency

  • Create a share link for the police

  • Police gets a live broadcast of the location

  • Eases the search in an emergency

7 reasons why a GPS tracker for your motorcycle offers the best protection

Riding a motorcycle is not just a way of getting around, for many people it is a passion. This passion is of course mainly about the two-wheeler itself. No matter if super sportsman, enduro or naked bike. Your own bike is sacred to you. In fact, you really grow together with it over the kilometres. The passionate motorcyclists* know every detail of their two-wheeler and carefully maintain it all year round. Unfortunately, the subject of theft is also becoming more and more important in professional circles. In large cities, the numbers of thefts are shooting through the roof. 

Is your motorcycle not only a commercial vehicle for you to get from A to B, but also – emotionally – a valuable object? Then protect it with a GPS tracker. In Germany 33,000 motorcycles are reported stolen every year. Theft is happening everywhere. It has long been known that underground car parks are not safe places to park motorcycles, but in the meantime motorcycles are also stolen that have been parked directly in front of the owners’ houses. The detection rate is disappointingly low. Only every 5th case is solved. Not only theft, but also other dangers wait for motorcycle owners. Vandalism, damage with hit and run or even getting into an accident. Which advantages you have with our Motorcycle Finder, you can read below in 7 reasons for a motorcycle tracker. One note at the front: don’t be afraid of the equipment. We have a lot of experience with GPS trackers for motorcycles. All settings and alarms can be controlled intuitively and easily via the app or the online portal. You can see the installation of the MOTORCYCLE Finder here in the video. Otherwise we recommend the channel “AS Motorcycle Repair and more TV”. Here you can get further videos and practical tests around the topic of motorcycle tracking. Should you have any further questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our service department. 

1. GPS motorcycle – theft protection

The police recorded as many as 33,000 stolen motorcycles for the year 2017, in Germany alone. In order to prevent the same fate from happening to you, GPS tracking for motorcycles and co. You can not only query the location, but also track entire routes. Prevent a criminal theft with a motorcycle GPS tracker. If someone should tamper with your bike, you can simply pass on the relevant data to the police to determine the location. Even if the GPS signal disappears once, it is easy to find out where the thief might be. Tracking the route helps you do this. Thanks to it, you can see exactly where the thief has been moving and at what speed.

2. vibration alarm

So that you can store your motorcycle and other two-wheelers safely in the garage over the winter, they equip it with a GPS tracker for the motorcycle. Our finder will send you an information in case of a possible shock, so you always know that your vehicle is parked protected in the garage. Theoretically, acts of vandalism and hit and run can also be cleared up in this way. Such incidents are not covered by a normal partial cover. Thanks to the vibration alarm, however, you can catch the perpetrators sooner and get compensation for their damage with the help of the police. 

3. Radar Alarm

Set a certain radius yourself, for example 500 metres, and you will be notified in the event of theft. As soon as your motorcycle leaves the set radius, an alarm is triggered. We recommend that you do not set a distance of less than 500 metres, as false alarms may occur. So you have an additional small motorcycle alarm system including GPS protection.

4. master unknown regions

If you tour a lot, you get to know many new routes. If you don’t want to lose track, you can use our route recorder. You can view routes up to 100 days ago. So you can ride beautiful routes again or avoid possible obstacles.

5. valuables

Do you possibly leave your valuables in a case on your motorcycle? Protect them by activating the vibration alarm. As soon as someone tries to move or open your motorcycle and accessories, information is sent to your smartphone and on the portal. So you have the possibility to catch thieves in the act and at least to flee.

6. safe touring with the motorcycle GPS tracker

Driving tours with a GPS tracker is simply more fun. Why? You don’t have to worry all the time when you park your bike. Our FINDER secure your bike and let you sleep peacefully. Security is guaranteed by the various alarm functions. The Geo-fence and the vibration alarm together with the real-time location detection protect your moped against theft on e.g. camping sites at night or in the underground car parks of hotels. They are also protected against vandalism or falling over thanks to the motion alarm. The security aspect is further enhanced by a useful feature: route recording. Thanks to this you always know exactly where you were and when you were on the road. Even speeds are displayed in our online portal.

7. in an emergency

In an emergency situation, fast help is often crucial. But what do I tell an emergency service or the police if I don’t know where I am? – Locate your location using the Portal app and enter it. Like Google Maps, the FINDER portal contains all street names and house numbers.