Why should you choose a GPS device to protect your car, over the inbuilt security and safety features?

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Why should you choose a GPS device to protect your car, even after having the inbuilt security and safety features?

In recent years, automobile theft has been the most common crime, and your vehicle might be the next to go missing. Each year, the number of stolen cars in the United States is startling and the figure continues to rise. The number of automobiles just smashed into and goods stolen is far higher. Anyone who owns a car should be aware that the risks are real and that they could become a victim at any time. It could happen at work, while they’re out shopping or going to the movies, or while they’re deep sleeping at home. It can happen anytime.

A few years ago, automotive security meant locking the doors and setting on the car alarm, with the largest risk being a car being stolen for components. Since then, a lot has changed, and carmakers and suppliers have come a long way in terms of improving security. The automobile industry is paying attention to these concerns, and the consequences are being felt throughout the supply chain.

Does security systems include in automobiles?

A vehicle is a significant investment, and you want to secure it by ensuring it has the strongest security protocols available. Many security features are available on today’s vehicles, making it more difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle. Take a look at some of the most popular security features found on vehicles that thieves despise. These are just a few of the best car security technologies on the market to help keep your valuable vehicle safe from criminals.

1. Alarms

When any movements, shocks, vibrations, and bumps are identified, detectors in car alarms trigger the alert. Modern automobile alarms are built to respond to a wide range of security risks that can result in car theft or other types of vehicle crime. These include the possibility of a break-in through a car door, impact damage, and simply loud noise in the neighborhood of the vehicle.

2. Immobilisers

An immobilizer is essentially an electrical security system that prevents the engine from operating unless the correct key is present, however, the methods differ between models. This feature is intended to keep a burglar from driving off with your vehicle. If your automobile has an automatic transmission, make sure you keep up with routine service checks, because if there are any electrical or battery problems, you could find yourself stranded suddenly! Maintaining a correct service history is also vital in terms of ensuring that your car warranty policy remains valid.

3. Locking Wheel Bolts

Locking Wheel Bolts are used to ensure that your rims and tires are not removed. Because rims and tires of all kinds are in high demand, it’s vital to safeguard yours as much as possible. These fasteners make it nearly impossible for a burglar to steal your wheels quickly. Most new cars offered nowadays include these as standard equipment. You can easily install them if your vehicle does not already have them.

4. Enhanced Protection Glazing (EPG)

Laminated glass with Enhanced Protection Glazing is more difficult to break through. This feature makes it more difficult for a burglar to shatter a window and flee in your vehicle, or to steal your goods if they were left inside. This type of glass also helps to reduce noise levels inside the vehicle by blocking harmful UV light.

5. Security Marking

If your vehicle is stolen, security etching is an excellent technique to identify it. The vehicle’s registration number can be etched on the windscreen and windows. There is also a tracing program that can provide added security. Your car’s glass and other parts are marked, and the registration number is entered into a secure database.

Is having all these features enough for your automobile’s security?

Even so, some attacks take years to manifest, and not all of them are likely to be stopped. The most successful hacks, like any other, are those that go unnoticed.

Security, on the other hand, will never be complete. Hackers become more sophisticated, new vulnerabilities emerge, and new technology opens up new attack vectors. While all of these things still need to be secured, this isn’t a problem that can be fixed just by putting more technology in place. No matter how advanced the technology becomes, it’s unlikely that this conflict will ever be fully resolved. Due diligence, continual monitoring, and honing of architectures, as well as quick response times when vulnerabilities are discovered, will be necessary.

Many automobiles come equipped with warning alarms as standard equipment. Despite the fact that warning sirens are routinely heard, they are frequently ignored. The majority of people assume their key fob was misplaced when getting into their automobile. This means that even in broad daylight, your vehicle could be taken. While the alarm should surely be used as a measure of security, you should also consider adding an additional layer of protection.

What is the verdict?

Therefore, automobiles must be equipped with the appropriate security system. Even if you have a car alarm or navigation system, it is no longer sufficient. Additional car protection can help you save money in the long term, in addition to deterring crooks. Taking extra precautions will help keep your no-claims bonus intact while also lowering your insurance price.

A specialized GPS device is a hardware and software combination that aids in the tracking of your vehicles. Furthermore, there are special features in them that track people’s driving behaviors and provide alerts when they have an accident. While the device is little, it packs a punch in terms of power and functionality. Here are some of them.


Having a modern GPS system installed in your vehicle means that you will never get lost on the road. Car GPS device is simple to set up and have cutting-edge functionality.

Even if you have a good automotive navigation system, you won’t be able to use it unless you have the correct type of Global Positioning System. A dedicated GPS device, on the other hand, makes navigation much easier. Furthermore, a car navigation system functions even in areas/situations where cell service is unavailable, freeing up the phone for other use. With the best display, a good GPS unit combines best-in-class directions, points-of-interest info, driver alerts, and free map updates.

Anti-theft protection

It helps to lessen the risk by offering this extra layer of protection. While a burglar may still be able to take a vehicle, the technology in the GPS tracking system you have placed will be able to immediately inform you. Because it is a tracker, there is a larger likelihood of promptly retrieving the vehicle. You can assist keep your car and your life in order by buying additional protection. Thanks to satellite technology, you’ll be able to track your car’s exact location.

Tracking information and history

The devices include an internal memory for information storage, including a backup battery and a SIM card for Internet access. The device will collect data from GPS satellites and use it to determine its location. It will then transfer the data to the server over the GSM cellular network. The information received from the tracker will subsequently be processed and securely stored by the server. There’s the sheer volume and variety of data that may be saved and analyzed afterward. There’s also the simplicity with which users can get their hands on that data. On-demand access to this whole data will be possible.
They can even see real-time data from anywhere in the globe, at any time, as long as they have access to the internet

Dedicated App

A web interface on a computer or a mobile app can be used to gather the required information. Because the majority of people nowadays own a cellphone, they will want to download the app. This will enable them to receive alerts about their vehicle regardless of where they are, which can assist to make it safer because the owner will know right away if something is wrong. There are numerous types of data acquired, providing you with a comprehensive overview and real-time perspective of everything going on with the car. This includes information like when the car begins, when it travels, the speed, and driving behaviors, among other things. All of this data can be highly beneficial in a variety of situations


The use of GPS devices to construct a virtual boundary in a location is referred to as geofencing. Consider it a digital fence that you can regulate. When the tracked asset enters or departs the geofenced area, or performs a specific behavior, our software is able to warn you or trigger a specific response. With traditional geofencing, an end software platform, we can handle alerts by collecting GPS coordinate data from devices and assessing whether they were inside or outside of a geofence, as well as what actions to take.

SOS Panic Button

The SOS button is placed in a location that is easy to reach for the driver but not easily visible to others. When the driver is in a dangerous scenario, he presses the SOS / Panic Button on the GPS device, which triggers an alarm. So that the fleet manager can deal with the problem right away. Alerts will be issued by notification, SMS, or email, depending on the user’s preference. You can get information like the vehicle’s details, the moment the button was pressed, and the incident’s location. As a result, you’ll be able to contact the driver or dispatch assistance to the spot.

When you purchase a car, you have to consider the fact that ATDs ( Anti Theft Device) may not be available on all new automobile models. It is advisable to speak to the auto company in detail about those kinds of aspects. Even if they provide pre-installed safety and security measures, they are not enough to provide advanced security for your vehicle. Even if you consider buying extra and additional security devices like steering wheel lock, wheel clamp, and SOS button, you can avail them altogether by investing in a single GPS device. It is always better to be smart when spending your money, making your every spent pennyworth.

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