GPS Child Tracker; Saviour of Life, real-life story part 2!

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Living in an age of technology and not utilizing its full potential is pathetic. GPS is one among those that can help you follow your child even when you are away from them. The GPS Child Tracker come dedicated to the purpose. It is designed to fulfill every child’s right to independence and safety. Now let’s see some of the stories of how these trackers help the children during their hard times.

Mother saves her daughter from a Sex maniac, thanks to GPS Child Tracker!

She was only 15 and was having Asperger’s syndrome when she was persuaded into a car after being molested by a sexual abuser.

As usual, she was taking a normal walk on the premises. Apart 150 yards from her house, a sex maniac approached her. He threatened to enter the car. He didn’t know that she was wearing a GPS Child Tracker that was instantaneously sending SMS about her unusual route of strolling. This feature in particular is very helpful. It is suitable for families to watch their loved ones.

Her mother could sense the danger when she could hear the gabble through the audio capability and hence she fled to the location. Until then the predator could spot the device she was wearing and could realize this can only be removed by her mother, he realized the potential danger and took her back safely to the place where she was lifted. Later her mother could recover her and return back to safety.

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