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Save your car with a GPS Tracker

Protecting your motorcycle has never been easier. Your PAJ GPS Tracker gives you many ways to protect your motorcycle


Immediate notification in an emergency

  • Motion- and radius alert
  • Alarm via E-Mail and Push notification
  • Direct on your phone, tablet or pc

always know where your motorcycle is

  • LIVE-Tracking
  • in over 100 countries
  • App for mobile device

Analyze driven routes

  • 100 day track saving
  • Speed profile
  • Traveled miles

Fast reaction in emergency situations

  • Create release link for all helpers
  • LIVE tracking for all helpers
  • Search is made easier

Because it has to work in an emergency

  • Inconspicuous – small and easy 
  • Power Cut Message
  • Splash water protection

You are one click away from a piece of mind

Perfectly tuned software and hardware for your needs. PAJ is your contact for everything around your GPS tracker.

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The way you secure your car

Whether sports cars, family cars or vintage cars: cars are popular – and unfortunately not only the rightful owner. The persecution of the perpetrators often fails due to lack of evidence and therefore can not be properly started. The police are powerless.

We want to counter this increasing problem with our broadcasters. Our FINDER for cars are useful and the solution for emergencies. Because thanks to the various alarm functions you know immediately if someone should pass on your car. So you will not be asked until the next morning before fait accompli, but you can immediately inform the police. Of course, the position data are then immediately available to you, which you can transmit to the police. In this way, numerous thefts have already been elucidated.

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Whether you prefer the direct connection to the battery or rather charge a battery, it is entirely up to you. Both methods can promote themselves with practical properties. Of course, the battery powered trackers – the POWER and the ALLROUND Finder – are of course very flexible. The application is therefore not limited to the car, but you can use the trackers to secure other valuables, such as your luggage. The trackers can also be flexibly hidden and used in the car itself. For example, the ALLROUND Finder can also be kept close to the driver so that an alarm can be triggered in an emergency using the SOS button. Big advantage of the POWER Finder: the built-in magnet. This makes him extremely versatile and makes him disappear in the car in places where he is not quickly discovered. For the CAR Finder store is no longer an issue. As long as the battery of your car is functional, you can rely on your GPS tracker in the car blind. The external antennas increase the precision and reliability enormously. In addition, the installation child is easy.


Many cars returned to their rightful owners. Only recently we reported on such a case on the Danish border. Protect your car against theft: With GPS Trackers for cars from PAJ, you always know where your car is. Learn more about your different options!

6 reasons why a GPS tracker for cars offers the best protection

Our car is not just a commercial vehicle, often also memories of the car, and you would like to give him reluctant. High value items in the car should also be protected (against theft). We have put together 6 reasons for why an Autofinder is so well suited and what advantages our GPS trackers have. If you have further questions about GPS transmitters for cars, we are happy to help and advise you which of our Autofinder is right for you and your area of ​​application.

  1. Theft protection thank to GPS transmitter for the car.

The perpetrators of car thefts are difficult to locate and are rarely caught. Often, the vehicle owner remains at a high cost because insurance in these cases (not yet) contribute much. As a rule, you only get the time value of the vehicle. Thus, an equivalent new purchase is often not feasible and the ideal value of the vehicle receives the owner / s never replaced.

With a GPS Tracker in the car against theft, you can not only track the car, but also the distances covered are stored. This makes the search for the car easier, in addition, breaks are displayed and the way of the perpetrator is traceable. Ideally, they may e.g. thanks to the vibration alarm, the ignition alarm or the radius alarm, you can catch the offender while the offense is still taking immediate action to secure your vehicle.

  1. Abroad

Also abroad, there is a general risk of theft. But also finding your way in a foreign environment plays a big role, so you do not have to worry about anything else. In order to find your car there as well, simply attach our GPS transmitter to the car, locate your car in our app and play it safe.

The costs are – thanks to our special M2M-SIM – always limited to your usual monthly amount. Compared to other trackers for cars, you do not have to worry about usage costs or additional fees abroad with our FINDER. This applies to other trackers with or without SIM.

  1. Valuables

Both here and on vacation, we often leave items of high value in our car. To ensure that these are safely stored there and protected against theft, the vibration alarm can be activated. Our GPS transmitter for the car sends you information as soon as your car detects a shock – and in real time. So you know if and when someone has tried to move or open your car.

  1. Master unknown regions

Have you found a faster route to your holiday, but can not remember it? With route tracking you can see all regions and cities and thus always know which route you have driven. Breaks are also displayed in the portal or in the app, as well as their duration. Enjoy worldwide GPS tracking for the car.

  1. Radius and speed alarm

With the ONLINE location you can define a specific radius yourself. If your car leaves it, an alarm will be triggered by our FINDER and sent directly to your portal and the app. We recommend not setting the radius below 500 m. This is possible, but leads to false alarms due to the small radius.

The speed can also be controlled. Via the portal, you have the option of setting a maximum speed that must not be exceeded. As soon as the conditions for an alarm are met, you will receive a notification by e-mail. This can be interesting for parents, for example, who want to make sure that their own children exercise caution in traffic.

  1. In case of emergency

In an emergency, quick help is often crucial. But what do I tell an ambulance or the police if I do not know where I am? Locate and specify your location through the portal app. Even for the absolute worst case, that no street names should be recognizable, because you are in the remote nature, we know a solution: with the help of the tracker you can display and pass on the coordinates of your location. The FINDER portal, like Google Maps, includes all street names and house numbers.

GPS vehicle tracking

“How can I manage my fleet better? Keep track of all my company’s vehicles?” This question is of great importance for bosses or department heads. Whoever takes this question seriously will sooner or later come across GPS tracking and vehicle location.

Thanks to online tracking, it is no longer a problem to track several vehicles simultaneously. So fleet management can also be organized with the help of GPS trackers.

GPS vehicle tracking: When can I track employees? 

It is of course also important that you never go beyond the legal framework when managing your fleet. One thing is clear: locating employees without their consent is prohibited. All employees affected by vehicle tracking must be informed.

In addition, it is urgently necessary to have the option of deactivating the vehicle tracking system when a person concerned goes home for the day. Locating outside working hours is not permitted. Anyone who is allowed to use their company vehicle for private purposes is entitled to deactivate the GPS or at least to see that it is deactivated. 

Time has always played the main role in logistics when it comes to organizing fleets. How many vehicles do I need to cover a certain area? This core question in fleet management can be analyzed and solved by vehicle tracking.

Thanks to the location recording, you can see what area your vehicle has covered and in what time. Was there perhaps an increased traffic volume in this area, why was a lot of time lost? Was a vehicle on the road for too long to get from point A to point B because the distance between the two locations was too great? All these questions can be answered: with vehicle tracking!